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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 20, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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and his identify not being released pending notification of family. >> thank you. a mother is dealing with unbearable loss. both of her sons died in weeks. they were guned down in separate shootings. nick? >> no arrests have been made in that shooting but now a oakland mother just buried her 13-year-old thursday is preparing to bury her second son. >> very no more tears. like wow nochlt more tears. >> she has joined a growing epidemic of people. >> why would he give a mother so much pain within 19 days? >> impossible to answer. not the first to ask.
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>> in broad daylight, shot with no remorse. >> her youngest son shot new year's eve walking home from oakland boys and girls club. a group he belonged to since he was six years old. >> he was a good kid. didn't deserve what happened to him. none of them deserve what happened to them. >> if the pain of losing a son before he is old enough for high school isn't enough tragedy, again. her 19-year-old son and his childhood friend hit when a car they were riding in was sprayed with bullets. >> it was here. and i ran and i seen a car. i seen bodies on the ground. >> this was the scene of the murders just after 2:00 p.m sunday afternoon. police spent the better part of the day scouring for witnesses and clues. investigators tell us the shots that killed them were fired from another vehicle and the suspects in that car took off. on thursday, danielle buried her 13-year-old. she says
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she's not prepared to do it again. >> i don't have courage to go identify my baby. someone else has to go. i have to remember them the way they were. >> so true. >> in oakland police want to find fought a hate crime committ committed why it was committed they showed a council member with a swastika on her forehead. she happens to be jewish and called flyers shameful. >> public works crews keeping a close eye on a creek. 200 gallons spilled into the creek this morning. workers spent the
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afternoon pumping water into creek and they're taking water samples to see if it has been contaminated. >> officers discovered it last night conducting a probation check at the house. no one was there but officers found a stack of money and trays of crystal meth. it's around the corner from a fire house, school and businesses police arrested a man who throatened to blow up his home and police say he opened the door to threaten and taunt them. ochoa tried to escape and run
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but police daysed him. >> bay area observed martin luther king day with celebrations throughout the day. >> one was a march through streets of san francisco. a thousand people walked from the cal train station to yerba buena gardens. people of all races and ages took part in the march. >> the multiple age groups and ethnicities that brought them together keep us connected. i'm here to keep dr. king's legacy alive. he gave his life, i can give a day as well. >> the majority of those arrived aboard the freedom train. >> and late ticket sales today mean it will continue for at least one more year. >> and you know as abc7 news
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explains ticket sales have been down >> these sprem a title this year. people who saved the freedom train. >> year. >> attendance has been dwindled over the years this, year, only 300 tickets sold as of thursday. it costs 6,000ses today charter. >> i was worried i love dr. king and this train. and everything it stands for. and thought i'm going to skt community them. didn't fail us.
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>> this is our first time. and we brought the youth from our church. >> there is a push and one group trying to bridge the gap through dance. >> a lot of things dr. king spoke and desired when arrive this is what we're doing and demonstrating. >> will this be enough to keep tradition going? organizers still hope so. >> i love the people and the story. i love the whole history of the train. >> they've covered their costs, so they're considering it a victory for now. >> dr. king's spirit of giving
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inspired dozens of kaiser permanente doctors and staff thoechld cleaned up and cleaned up the reception sent center in san jose. >> in alameda, they the homes for vet trans. >> we hook them up with employment. health services. >> and in west oakland, a group called urban relief planted 40 trees on martin luther king junior way saying they will not only beautify but improve air quality and offset green house gas emissions. >> still ahead affects of exercise on prostate cancer. >> stamp of disapproval the post office with big plans
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to cut line sxhz add hours. but sit adding jobs? >> packing up, saying goodbye. it's the end of the road for 49ers. how the faithful are handling a football
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there is a urgent snech russia for a possible female suicide bomber. police believe she may have made it past a ring of security she's identified of a widow of an islamic militant killed by rush security forces and supposedly affiliated with a
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terror group. russian secrecy officials are posting a video by other groups. >> a 15-year-old said she's excited about heading to the olympics and is on the u.s. figure skating team. she's a sophomore at archbishop mitty high school. her choreographer is russian. she says it's awesome. >> now bay area politicians honored martin luther king junior's legacy today n san francisco, nancy pelosi called upon greatest americans. >> remember, martin luther king has a day. only president has day that's are national holidays. >> on the wall m in washington
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>> the pelosi spoke in yerba buena gardens. san francisco mayor ed lee and state assembly speaker calls for increase in minute pum wage >> honoring legacy and call for justice and social arena. >> the great march on washington wanted to focus on the need for jobs and freedom. >> national park service honoring dr. king with a free day. >> park rangers at mury. woods.
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visitors loved it. >> it's pretty cool. it's a nice weekend. >> i love it. it's a good thing. >> next time it will be president's weekend. >> martin luther king day got off to a musical start taking part in a parade and rally. this marks 25th celebration. about a thousand people atenlded the event. it was dedicated to nelson mandela. >> kraft recalling velveeta
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cheesy skillet. the cheeseburgy mac has a soy allergen in it. >> all right. michael finney is here now with the story of a teenager took down tons of target accounts. >> that is truly amazing the breech at target was caused by a russian teenager. that is a conclusion of a record just issued by security firm intel crawler. the malware created by a 17-year-old who sold the program to cyber criminals. used in neiman marcus the retailer reported a similar attack. saying reports show malware used more than once.
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>> and able to put it on the internet and they can use it for malicious arm. >> intel crawler suggests six more retailers have yet to tell customers they have been breeched as well. u.s. postal service operates small offices inside dozens of stores including stores in the bay area. unions worry they're expanding reach just as plans are being developed foreclosure of hundreds of post offices nationwide. post offices are staffed with union workers and stores are not. the postal service says stores nor different from 65,000 other naerts found in supermarkets and stores around country. >> z.finally here is why you
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would be better off to do taxes now. there are new concerns tonight about taxes and identity thaechlt cording to irs one and a half million americans had tax refunds stolen in just the first half of 2013. fake returns are often to blame. thieves have money sent to a gnaw -- new address. easy way to avoid this is to file as early as possible. you're beating bad guys to the punch. get it out there, first. >> 49ers packed up today cleaning up their lockers and put belongings >> the nfl championship game. the 49er faithful gave the team
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a send off today. >> it's not the end of the celebration they hoped for. this garcia family drove from fresno today to say thank you for memories >> we're real fans. win, lose we're a fan. i'm still a niner favenlt yesterday, you know it's just wasn't our day. >> the team arrived at san jess yeah international airport just before 11:00 after the loss to the seahawks and filed into six waiting buses. fans greeted them as players and team were driven inside >> i'm sure it's a tough end to a game. what better way than all of us cheering them on? >> the team responded on twitter. alleden smith tweeted thank you for your support.
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daunte whitner says great season. we appreciate you. and jed york said thank you 49ers faithful the loss to seattle marked end of the run. >> they're broit just like my shades. we're going come back last year, stronger. >> that starts here the first preseason game expected to be played in mid august. in santa clara, abc7 news. >> you know it's dry. now a burn ban in effect for four counties. people in son gnomea, napa lake and mendocino counties can not burn debris or vegetation. cal fire says it will be in effect until it starts to rain, whenever that is. a lot of people are enjoying sunny skies.
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many went to baker beach and people took a stroll along the shore line. kids playing in waves here we are, third week of january. some trying their luck at fishing today. just a gorgeous day. almost like early spring. >> yes. yes. great view out there. >> exactly. it's neat to see and nice to enjoy the day. we feel guilty. >> yes. and we have had record highs again, today, can you believe that? no rain in sight for the next ten days, light rite? sunny skies out there now. and couple minutes before sunset times. patches of fog along the coast today. as a matter of fact half moon bay still has visibility only a quarter mile because of the fog at the coast. but taking a look at inland locations with great visibility. and this is 8th day of record
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highs. 72 in oakland museum. 69 san francisco. four record highs for this date. very unusual. here is a great view of the setting sun from our camera looking at the western sky. right now 62 degrees here in san francisco. 62 across the bay, oakland. upper 60s in los gatos. eenl 48 in half moon bay. it's been kept cool bit fog there. here is a nice view from sutro tower under sunny skies. temperatures mid-60s everywhere else. petaluma. 61. and one more live view from our south beach camera, looking east these features coastal fog overnight. a sunny, mild day tomorrow. and no rain in sight for next ten days. at least. here is the forecast animation starting at
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7:00 this evening. a lig fog near the coast. fog swept away then, tomorrow, off shore flow. dry, mild air. keeping fog farther off shore. taking a look at satellite image. you can see a huge ridge of high pressure. dominant feature in our weather picture. another week without rain because of the blocking pattern formed well to our north. so any system ms. that jet stroem will not be able to move into our direction the ten day outlook starting today going into end of the month show virtually no rain. it's possible towards end of the month we may get trace amounts. overnight, clear, dry, chilly. low temperatures dropping into upper 20s in santa rosa and napa, mid-30s inland east bay.
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low 40s around the bay. 40 near the coast. tomorrow, sunny skies. and high temperatures from upper 60s to low 70s from coast to bay and inland. a uniform range of highs not more than 5 to 6 degree range. here is the accu-weather forecast. we have two more really warm days coming our way tomorrow and wednesday. highs into low 70s temperatures dropping off just a few degrees. thursday, friday, and remaining into that range throughout weekend into next week. upper 60s to 70s mid-60s on the coast. january weather. >> yes. i play golf saturday and sent a picture to my brother who just moved to south bend. >> coming up comet chaser and a space craft that just woke up after two and a half years in hibernation.
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>> films that are not on film anymore putting local theater owners in a real bin [dad] [lau [boy] mom!ughs] [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo.
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>> two studies found promising reports on the fight against prostate cancer, finding men who do more vigorous exercise before being diagnosed are more likely to survive prostate cancer. and researchers in iceland found men with higher levels of mella tonin were 75% less likely to develop prostate cancer. >> people near wellington new zealand are assessing damage from a strong earthquake that rat yeld their north island today the picture being shown live on local tv. dhek out. when the quake shook it caused a large eagle to fall from its perch at
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wellington airport. witnesses watched in fear as it came down. >> i saw half of the eagle swung down. one of the feathers for it. and people are running and screaming. it was scary. >> no one was hit. new zealand still recovering from a devastating earthquake that destroyed much of downtown christchurch and killed 185 people. >> in south korea credit card information of almost half of the population has been hacked. this, for 20 million people the informs stoemen by an i.t.worker in a company producing credit scores and sold to marketing firms. the managers of the firms along with an i.t.worker have been arrested. today the bosses of the three credit card company that's lost the dalta bowed and made a public apochlth a space probe is wake again
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after being dormant three years. the rosetta space craft sent a signal back to earth today since being put into hibernation in 2011 to conserve energy. european space agency says it's 500 million miles from earth. and shut down during a long journey to meet with a comet. it will soon rendezvous with the comet in november. >> it's just fascinating to watch. so far away. cool. now, the year is young but a california woman set a record for one of the biggest babies born. >> how big,
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oshgs wcoming up at 6:00 california drought emergency. why experts say blaming los angeles is short sighted. and a problem with a woman's cell phone her carrier refused to fix. it's coming up in a half hour. now back to kristin and dan. >> a new baby might have set a california record the moment he was born. >> meet andrew jacob cervates, tipping scales at 15 pounds two ounces. >> big boichl he might be the biggest child ever born in california. his mom gave birth after doctors noticed he was not moving. >> he remains in the hospital. you can say he comes from a big family, his two siblings weighed
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more than ten pounds at birth. >> wow. >> i know. >> thanks for joining us. >> we welcome to "world news." tonight, olympic threat. the urgent search for a woman who may be a black widow suicide bomber. and the new terror tape promising a surprise package. brian ross, on the story for us tonight. polar plunge. caught on camera, a man rescued after falling through the ice. and tonight, the new arctic blast about to drive temperatures down below freezing again. and "real money." you told us it's the number one thing you want this year, getting a raise at the office. >> you have to sell. it's about selling. >> tonight, how you do it. and a surprising secret about your boss you should know before you walk in the door. and a good evening to yo


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